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Review: Bruno Joey Scooter Lift System for Van

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This blog is primarily for people who are interested in a scooter van lift system or who want to know how I get around.

I bought a Bruno Joey lift for my van. There are only five different van models that it will fit in. The idea is fantastic as the scooter stays dry, and locked/docked inside the van. The downside is the rig takes up a lot of space and there is very little room for storage. I have taken out 2/3 seats in the back so there is some space for groceries, luggage, etc.

Whoever buys one needs to have the ability to stand long enough while as the flatbed comes out, and one must then unlatch the ropes, drive the scooter off the flatbed and retract it back in with a push of a button (see video). Sound easy right? Well…

I bought this as I knew someone who had one and said it was good. However, I would never recommend anyone purchase this scooter lift.

It came with a manufacturer’s defect and while I recognized this the moment I brought it home, Bruno fought me to the bone over acknowledging something was wrong. I was accused of ‘operator error’ repeatedly. I spent basically my whole summer and into the fall, fighting over getting repairs, and eventually having it fully replaced. The story…

Within 3 weeks of minor use the drive train fully snapped and had to be replaced. I was in the USA at the time. The issue with Bruno’s warranty is that they pay dealers less than half the regular shop rate so there isn’t much incentive for anyone to fix it. Luckily, the local dealer in Bend, OR agreed to do the repair.

It was shocking how quickly my independence disappeared overnight from this. I was stranded in my house for 5 days.

Soon after, the system cracked again. The shop in town did a ‘jerry-rig’ repair so I could at least get it back to Canada, and to my dealer for an official review.

Once the Canadian dealer reviewed it was agreed there was a manufacturer’s defect and they would fully replace it. In order for that to happen I had to twice drive it (2.5 hours in each direction) from my residence to the dealer, and rent a hotel, for total of 3 nights so they had time to do the work.

The lift system cost $6,100 and the extra fees I paid to have it replaced cost me over $1K in the above mentioned hotel/food/gas.

Since the replacement I’ve already had to take it in to the shop for a repair/adjustment. It’s a very fragile system although one would think for that kind of money it’d be bullet proof. NOT.

Here is the system in case you’re wondering what I do when I need to buy food, errands, etc.

Click here for link to scooter lift system


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