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Images: Trip Hope Biosciences and Dr. Nikko Plastic Surgeon
Here are some images of Hope Biosciences and others from the Houston trip..... Amanda ❤️ Amanda, MSSagirah and me at Hope Biosciences Lobby Hope Biosciences Taking Copious Notes on the Tour These are the steps and containers used to grow the stem cells (they are...
Eligible for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Treatment at Hope Biosciences in Houston, TX
Everyone knows, I’m a science geek. I have researched how to treat my rare, unrelenting and unresponsive disease. Last February 2022, I had HSCT in hopes of ousting my Poltergeist. I will forever be indebted to everyone for funding me for that. It is a two year...
Six Months Post HSCT, Reality Check & Further Walking Improvements
These last months have been unreal, amazing, and as always, challenging. I could write a full blog about the challenging parts, brutal days, symptoms overload, mental aspects and emotional impacts of all that, so I’ll just leave it at that for now and move on…. For...
Walking Video 5 Months Post HSCT + Update
This last month has been very, very challenging. I made a big change in effort to try and find a better way to live, and to further rehabilitation. I have experienced a few extreme (but short lived) drops in functionality, return of two bad symptoms, combined with all...