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Guest on “MS Diagnosis Journey” Podcast

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Blog Posts, Symptoms & Diagnosis | 0 comments

A month or two ago I had the honour of being interviewed by a very well respected MS advocate, Laura Kolaczkowski. Through various grants she has (with a labour of love) put together her own podcast and interviewed multiple patients on their MS diagnoses. Some are incredibly heart wrenching, others extremely painful physically on what a patient endured, and others informative with much inspiration. In Laura‘s words I have introduced her podcast below:

“Everyone has a story, especially when it involves their MS diagnosis. The MS Diagnosis Journey podcast is designed to let people share their story for others to learn from as well as empower themselves by telling their journey. You can find MS Diagnosis Journey on your favorite podcast platform or at:

Click here for link to the list of podcasts including my interview. They are short (10-15 min long).

A new episode is released each Thursday. MS Diagnosis Journey is hosted by Laura Kolaczkowski, a multiple sclerosis advocate who was diagnosed in 2008.”


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