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February 17, 2024: 2 Years Post HSCT for MS

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Happy 2nd Birthday to me 🥳 The Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant was done February 17, 2022 @hsctmexico (Clinica Ruiz, Monterrey). It was the single worst medical treatment I’ve gone through in my life (31 days). But it’s over 🥵

HSCT is not to be feared though, MS is the greater beast.

Nine months later I went on to have mesenchymal stem cell therapy in my spine @hopebio_org (Hope Biosciences, Sugar Land, TX). Very painful, but excellent results.

The subsequent months and now two years of recovery have been insanely difficult, yet have brought very unexpected miracles to my body. My day to day is full of long standing disability struggles, but it’s black and white better from before. I am holding strong with my improvements. However, I am on a monthly drug (Ofatamumab) to try to control the little relapses that like to torture me.

True to Fernie’s words, I learned to “run” again. (OK only for brief moments 🤣). But still….🤩

I don’t feel like my body is trying to kill me anymore. Not driving for 8 years, and now I can…..crazy awesome. I can’t say I’ve got my life back (at all), but I’ve found a little corner in life that I’m trying to blossom. Horses 🐎 🌟

I’m forever indebted to the many people, with so much love, who donated to help me get HSCT; thank you ♥️. I love you.

I’m doing my best, whatever that is. If there’s an opportunity that I can reach, I grab it and LIVE BIG. Most importantly, if you love someone, say it. You never know what will happen tomorrow 🌸


ID: there are over 60 different photos that document the ups and downs of the last two years. The moments where I could get into the outdoors, were always at the help of friends. I’m so grateful for you.

Click Here for Image Documentation of Last 2 Years

Click Here to View Running Video


  1. Janet Brown

    Incredible Jenny – your courage, perseverance and incredibly positive attitude is so admirable. I’m thrilled to see the great results of this difficult journey!!! Run, Jenny, Run!!

    • Jenny Angus

      Thanks Janet! It’s been a slog interspersed with brilliant moments ♥️ I haven’t tried to run again since that day, but I had to yesterday when an emergency happened. I was pleased that I didn’t fall when I tried to “run” 😂

  2. Jill

    To Jenny, my daughter:
    I have watched you overcome one challenge after another and I’ve been amazed at your determination and strength in overcoming these obstacles in your life. And there have been so many. You are incredible and I’m in awe. Enjoy every minute my love! You’ve earned it.

    • Jenny Angus

      Thanks for all your support throughout it! xoxo

  3. Mich

    Hi Jenny!
    You have come such a long way and I know you definitely still have struggles but seeing your a few years ago not even able to walk two steps without holding onto the wall or walker and other things (we discussed these when I was at your place… I won’t mention it here), you have come such a LOOOONG way!!!

    It is so great to see you walking, driving, riding a HORSE and going for your dreams of being a paraolympic equesterian is such an inspiration.
    Keep on killing it girl! And soooooo many hugs to you (when you are feeling 100% and triple hugs when things are not going 100%).

    • Jenny Angus

      Thanks lovely. Your support and empathy through these last many years have been invaluable Mich ♥️♥️♥️. Love you 😘


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