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Second Day Chemo – February 5th

by | Feb 6, 2022 | Blog Posts, HSCT Journals | 7 comments

For everyone reading these posts when I send them out, I realize I’m a day behind in posting what has happened. It seems easiest to dictate notes along the way during the exact day of, and then compile them the following day for posting.

First let me say, how much I SO appreciate everyone’s comments on my blog, reaching out with direct messages, emails and tons of best wishes of support. It’s really, really wonderful. I know I can’t reply to everyone, but I read them and it makes me feel loved. Thank you.

Yesterday the chemo protocol was exactly the same as the day before except we started at 9:30 am. All the main physicians came in to introduce themselves personally and chat with me to see how it’s going. We had some good geeky science talk. I like that stuff.

About an hour after returning to the apartment (1:30pm), pretty intense nausea set in and I could barely finish the rest of my water with electrolytes, ginger tea or even water. My head was pounding pretty hard again, but that one at least is easier to cope with.

I was dripping honey into my mouth to keep up some calories and my blood sugar. Needless to say I had my barf bucket by my side the whole day. It was as though as the fluid I’d ingested during the infusions came to a complete halt in my stomach and was not leaving, no matter what, so it churned round and round.

On a positive note, I did manage to stretch on my yoga mat to help break up the spastic muscles and my sore neck as much as possible. (And to try to stretch out my sore abdomen). I didn’t have room in my luggage to bring my down pillow from Johnny’s so I’ve been using pillows that are too thick, and hurt my neck. Yes, I’m trying different pillows 🙂

By 6pm I was in bed, and Fernando tried making me one of my smoothies (ginger, romaine lettuce, pineapple, celery, etc.) which didn’t agree with me either. Next was ice water. I was concerned I wasn’t going the rest room enough (it’s imperative to flush the toxicity out from the chemo or else…). When all else fails, the only thing I could think of was to drug myself up, go to sleep and hope the nausea would just fly off to the moon.

And indeed it did. This morning I have some relief 🙂


  1. Darlene Borde

    Hang in there girl ,you are so strong, hold on to Gods hand, let him help you now. Love Darlene.

    • Sandra

      You are so brave and strong. I am glad you have people helping to get you through this. I look forward to reading your updates honey. Sending you so much love and positive healing vibes. xoxo

  2. Graeme

    I am with you Bug…reading through every post — keep them coming!

  3. Anne Rolison

    Cantaloupe and some small amount of prunes or prune juice with water should help you

  4. Chantel

    You are so very loved!! 🌹 Hope you’re feeling better. One trick I use when I don’t have a good size pillow is a bath towel rolled up under my neck for support. You sleep with no pillow but it ensures your head isn’t propped up too high. Hope this helps and is a comfy alternative. Xo

  5. Liane

    Hi Jenny !! I wish I could take away some of the crap you’re going through..:(( I wait patiently for your blogs knowing that things will probably get worse before getting better but HEY you knew all that 😉 sounds like you’re in very good hands and thank god for your new bestie with the popsicles!!! Hang in there!! Love you ❤️

  6. Cheryl Y

    Hi Jenny,
    I am just catching up with your past few day of blogs at once. Boy this is one big rollercoaster you are on. Hang in there. You sound like you have such a great attitude about it all. I love that you are donating your hair.

    Did you see Nathan Chen skate? OMG he was so entertaining skating to Elton John. What talent!


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