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COVID Negative: February 4

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Blog Posts, HSCT Journals | 6 comments

Yesterday wasn’t that eventful. My focus was to organize food/eat, and recover from the stress of the previous two days. The weather turned unusually cold and I needed to figure out how to get the heat on high.

The batteries for every remote for TV/cable in the apartment were dead when I arrived. I called Raul and he came to the rescue with new batteries, replaced a damaged HDMI cable, and made sure the heat was on full blast. Last night, while stretching I watched the first episode of ‘And Just Like That’, the follow up series to ‘Sex and The City’. OK, wow that was a shocker!


I was up at 7am today to be ready for my 8am pickup for my PCR test. Usually someone would come to my apartment, but since we needed a quick turnaround the only place that does that is the hospital. It’s apparently the best hospital in Monterrey. The cost was $160 CAD which is considered very expensive here. I went in my PJ’s and winter jacket (forgot my hat) and was assured it was only 1/2 hour I only had my usual lemon water and a coffee.

Outside Hospital San José Tec de Monterrey

Over an hour later I was back in the apartment and starving. So now I wait.

Five hours later, I learned I am COVID negative. Wahoo! I had half an hour to pack up and head out to the clinic for my first day of chemo. In the meantime, Fernando came in to meet me and he seems very sweet. More later…


  1. Dave S

    thank god for FLANNEL!
    I thought you were going to say …..” I have given instruction that Fernando doesnt come into the apartment with out. negative test…and you confirm that he is young, strong and super cute !

    • Mich

      Woohoo! Looking to be on the up and up 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

    • Fernando N

      Yes, I am haha

  2. Chantel

    Yay for new batteries, heaters and negative covid tests!! 🎉

  3. Sandra

    So glad you were negative and could go ahead with your first treatment! I love that you went in your pjs and took a picture! I am in awe of you and send so much love and positive healing vibes. 🤗

  4. Mourad

    Weird that it’s so cold!! Thanks for the updates Jenny and hope the chemo does its thing. Hope u find a way to keep the appetite. I had an ex on chemo for multiple brain surgeries and the only thing that helped was thc…


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