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February 15th (Part II): Chemo

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Blog Posts, HSCT Journals | 10 comments

Meds one hour before chemo:

Oral Aprepitant 120mg (anti-emetic used for acute and delayed nausea and vomiting)

When we arrived at chemo centre I learned my BP was 89/45. This is a much lower BP than my usual. I guess that explained the severe morning fatigue, dizziness, lacking coordination, etc.

Sidebar: for those curious pre-HSCT patients considering about using their arm veins for apheresis instead of a PICC line. My thoughts are that it was such a treat to not undergo yet another IV catheter for chemo today/tomorrow and then transplant on the third day. Plus you need to keep your arms locked straight for 3+ hours during apheresis. I heard the pain of the size of the catheter in your arm is like nothing else felt before. Let’s keep in mind everyone is different though 😉

Ondanestron 8mg (anti-nausea)
Dexamethasone 4mg (steroid)
Pantoprazole 40mg (PPI, similar class of Omaprozole)
Cyclophosphamide 1900mg (chemotherapy dosage decreased today 40mg/kg body weight)
MESNA 2000mg (used to prevent hemorrhagic cystitis/bleeding in the bladder from chemo)
Ondansetron 8mg (as above)
Saline flush

While I was at chemo, I learned we collected 4.3 million stem cells per kg/body weight. This equates to 227,000,000 stem cells. That was the most outstanding news I could have hoped for! All of that extra time and discomfort was worth it.

I was exhausted by the time we reached the apartment at 9pm, and after a small stretch went to bed with no nausea. Yessssssssssssss!


  1. Sandra

    Yay to an outstanding number of stem cells and no nausea! An exhausting but very productive day! You are such a rockstar, warrior and fighter my amazing strong and beautiful friend. Sending continued love, hugs and positive healing vibes! xoxo Go Jenny!


    Hi Jenny!

    Been thinking about you. I am so impressed how you are able to record this. When I had HSCT I seriously felt like I was on another planet and slept through most of it when I was not puking or having chemo nightmares.

    I am just happy you’re having this opportunity. DMDS just don’t work for everyone. HSCT did seriously kick my butt for a while but I also felt improvement almost immediately. You are going to do great! I’m a big baby and the opposite of an athlete and I got through it. ;D

  3. Chantel

    I’m thrilled to hear the good news about your stem cell count!! Go Little Rock Star! 💫 Hope you get some good nights rest with no nausea again tonight. 🌹


    Hi Jenny!

    I remember sitting for 6 hours while they collected my stem cells. Was just happy it was done in one day!
    So pleased you’re getting this done. I’m a big baby and I got through it great so I’m sure you’ll be amazing. I even felt better while I was still at Northwestern! Still haven’t been able to gain much weight back (9 years later) but it was an amazing procedure for me and really, the only option. You’re doing terrific! 😉

  5. Lara

    I’m beyond impressed by all that you’re making your way through, not to mention that you’re effectively chronicling & generously sharing your experience here. Some of this sounds a lot scarier than it did on paper…Make sure you get all the rest you can; this is so intense & I’m at a loss for a more fitting comment. Thank you. Sending you tons of love!

    • Mich

      Woohoo!! Great work with the stem cells. Way to go!!!!

  6. Amanda O

    I did it via veins, while it wasn’t painful — it was super uncomfortable after 3 hours of sitting still. My legs started to go numb from holding the same position; I told the nurses and they had to give me some tums.

    I watched the others breeze through with the PICC line. One in my group fell asleep (I heard him snoring from the other room), and the other gal finished in like 2 hours and was playing on her phone. In hindsight, I really think they made the wiser decision to do the PICC line.

    Glad you got so many stem cells! Hopefully, this will make for a quicker recovery. The target is 1M per kilo, so you smashed it out of the park! Way to go overachiever!

    • Jenny Angus

      It’s so good for people to know others’ experiences. It must have been painful putting those catheters in! Thanks for sharing my friend xo

  7. Nola

    Good news on the stem cells. You gotta take the wins!!!! Rest up. You are doing well xx

  8. Anne Margaret Rolison

    Best to you ..Wow

    Love you Jenny

    Anne & Pippy


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