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February 20 (Sunday): +3 Transplant

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This was my first night with no night sweats. What an unbelievable relief and I’m happy for the improvement. It was a much more peaceful sleep, only rising every two hours for bathroom/meds/crash/etc.

8am meds:

Dexamethasone .5mg
Pantoprazole 40mg
Ciproflaxin 500mg (anti-biotic) x 2/day
Acyclovir 400mg (anti-viral)
Itraconazole 100mg (anti-fungal)
Fenazopiridina 40mg x 2/day

Filgrastim shot: 300 micro units (daily until my blood counts return to a safe baseline)

Today was a bit of a mental and emotional catch up day. Whenever I go through something physically ‘terrorizing’ pharmaceutical-wise, there is an emotional lag for me to process ‘what the fork just happened’. That is how I felt the Cyclophosphamide hit my body and today I took time to process it. It will take more than just one day, perhaps a few months after I return home, but it’s a start 🙂

I was able to lie down on the floor and stretch today. I have a lot of neural tension which pwMS will know what I mean by that. Neural tension (for me, I should say) is like this sensation that every tendon and muscle from my toes/feet want to curl up into a ball into my brain. Sort of like razor blades slicing lengthwise from the limbs up when I try to stretch things out. It doesn’t feel nice (no guff huh, haha?!) yet at the same time it feels better to try and release that tension. If you’re one of those people close to me and always see me clutching/pulling my toes, fingers, legs, arms, etc. this is why.

I took quite a bit of time today to admire the massive Mexican flag that I see all day, every day flying on the east peak of Monterrey. I love that Mexico is proud to fly their flag. For me, I am so grateful to this country that has opened its doors for me, and countless others, to seek medical treatment for a cruel disease that MY OWN COUNTRY does not offer freely.

Make no mistake, I fully understand the process of regulated international clinical trials, but this treatment should be a priority, and it has lagged behind other drug treatments that keep us sick.

Tomorrow morning the chemist comes to take my blood and we will see where I’m at. My guess is that my total WBC will be at, or next to, nil.

GRAPHIC VIDEO WARNING: for those squeamish peeps I will have a video of the blood prick/collection tomorrow

Sunrise 7am from my bed

Afternoon sun (that building is the tallest in Latin America)


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