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Guest on Podcast with FUMSNOW.com

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Blog Posts, HSCT Journals | 0 comments

This post is a podcast that I had the honour of being part of with my brilliant and successful friend Kathy Reagan Young, owner of FUMSNOW.com this past January.

Kathy has MS as well, was forced from her career as a result of the disease. She has through her own creativity and personal resources found a new career as a patient advocate, moderating for multiple online health communities, coaching, blogging and now has published 100 podcasts in the efforts of tirelessly helping others with MS.

I connected with her last year and she has been instrumental in coaching me to find a voice to share what I can with others on how debilitating, cruel and hideous this disease has been for me.

I hit a breaking point last summer on how severe the disease hit me and the events in this podcast are the result of what was happening. This is my truth. My experience. And thankfully, the choices I have for MY life.

Be warned: this is very raw and may be difficult for some to listen to.

Click below for link to the podcast:

HSCT and Life and Death Choices with Jenny Angus


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