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February 8th

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Blog Posts, HSCT Journals | 9 comments

Already I felt better seeing the sun out when I woke. I’m stoked it’s going to be heaps warmer in the days ahead too.

My head felt clearer and the intense headache was way down from yesterday. AND I felt hungry. All good signs my body is recovering well from the Cyclophosphamide.

If you don’t know this chemo, it is an alkylating agent and in the nitrogen mustard family of medications. I understand the mechanism of action is that it disrupts the cellular DNA making it impossible for cells to reproduce. The cells go into programmed cellular death (apoptosis). The body must then breakdown the remnants of these dead cells which create byproducts.

One of the byproducts (acrolein) is toxic to the bladder epithelium and hemorrhagic cystitis can develop. This is why it’s been so imperative to drink the exact amount of water along with electrolytes to assist the process of passing this out. It’s been hurting to pee (as a result) the last several days, but it didn’t hurt this morning so I hope that means I’m out of the red zone as far as developing hemorrhagic cystitis.

I should mention that this drug isn’t particularly selective which cells it attacks so while it’s depleting all of my white blood cells, it also destroys some red blood cells and platelets. This may have more of an affect on me next week and my recovery. We will see how it goes….

8am meds today:

Dexamethasone .5mg
Pantoprazole 40mg
Ondansetron 8mg

I felt well enough to eat some protein by the afternoon. Fernie and I put together a platter of roast chicken with baby potatoes, mushrooms, garlic, onions, homemade salsa verde, and a side of fried local vegetables. I was proud of myself; I ate almost the whole plate (not literally ;-).

Other than that, I’m trying to plan out my next week. I have to figure out when my hair is going to be shaved off. It’s best done before I get immune compromised (very weak) and potentially quite sick after the weekend. Plus I want to have it removed properly to donate to charity. I’m thinking this Friday might be the big day.

8pm medication: Ondansetron 8 mg

Video of Filgrastim Shot

Click here to view the video of the Filgrastim shot administered


  1. Janet Brown

    I so admire your courage and perseverance Jenny – its a lot to endure, but it looks like you’ve got this! Go Jenny Go!

  2. lynn

    So glad you had a purdy good day Jennygurl!
    Is your Fernie roasting the chicken and taters for you?
    Eat up , drink up and enjoy the good days my darling.
    You are incredibly brave, strong and intelligent!!…..I think you should have gone into medicine…really and truly.
    So pleased you are donating your beautiful locks. You are going to look awesome with short hair ( as it grows back) just like you did 16 years ago or so…..? it was a while back but your beautiful face and perfect smile are all we need.
    Stay strong and positive!!!!
    Love YOU,
    Lynn xox

  3. Graeme

    You are probably not looking forward to the hair loss but if it’s a given for the regime I suggest a consider a ‘go big or stay home’ wig colour until your own hair grows back….thoughts??

  4. Marcia M

    Hi Jenny
    I have been following your blog. We have met but don’t really know each other. We have a mutual friend Rod G. It is so great to see your strength. I love to read the humor you throw into your blog. Your character and determination to get better and fight are beautiful to read. The attitude that you take to battle MS is a big part of your fight to get better. It is so important and you do it so well. I will continue to follow along and hope that you get the results you fight for. You are inspiring to listen to and I wish you the best. Keep on fighting, we are all rooting for you!!

  5. Nicole

    Jen Jen (*as I suddenly just randomly starting calling you)
    Everyone keeps saying how strong you are because look at your strength and determination 💪 I’ve never met anyone who has faced numerous challenges due to your disease be so determined and driven to succeed and move forward in health challenges. Yes you obviously have times of despair and of course the unknown of what is to come yet you just keep driven forward, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. You are a phenomenal spokesperson for living with MS and I think you could really help to change people’s depression with this disease by giving them the hope they need through believing in yourself and move forward to breakdown the walls that are in their way. You are a spectacular role model. You’d be great speaking at Doctors conferences on MS and at Universities speaking to students on understanding the disease from someone living through it. Maybe this could be a path for you …….
    I chopped a bunch of hair off the other day, it felt and feels good to not have tangled hair anymore, I could have had her keep chopping to a really short cut. Hair is just hair, it grows back, your pretty face will stand out even more!! XX
    Keep going my determined queen 👸 your loved by so many and its very easy to see why….virtual hugs 🫂 🤗 ❤️

  6. Chantel

    So glad to hear you woke up feeling a little better and hungry! Hope the sun and warmth come out on full display soon enough. You are a warrior, girl! Move out of the way, Demi Moore, because G.I. Jenny is coming to town. And of course you would think of donating it because that’s just who you are! So thoughtful, loving and wise, girl. You inspire me daily. Keep fighting the good fight! 💪❤️🌹

  7. Jill A

    Your friends all talk about your strength and determination. You have always been strong and determined even as a small child – you have never let barriers stand in your way. You simply choose a goal and worried about how to get there later. This time is no exception and you got to Mexico on your own, in spite of a pandemic, flight cancellations, and your first caregiver’s positive viral infection.
    It’s good to see that you are eating well and that you have a good, caring Fernie by your side. Good luck, my dear daughter. You are incredible and we love you so much. Jay, Nol, Mum

  8. Darlene B

    Hang in there sweetie, you got this, God is with you ,hair or not. you are Beautiful, Love your friend Darlene.

  9. Mich

    So cool you are donating your gorgeous hair. Someone will be so lucky to get that.

    Thank you again for sharing your journey 😘😘😘


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