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Testing & Shopping: January 31

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Blog Posts, HSCT Journals | 8 comments

I had a 9.5 hour sleep and was woken up by Julie when the lab technician arrived to do my COVID test, and the first of many blood draws. She said my veins sucked. Duh, I could have messaged her that last week.

Since we had no food except for a few snacks, Julie and I were taken by Raul (the Clinic’s van driver) to the local HEB grocery store. It seemed as large as Fred Meyer (or Costco), maybe bigger, except almost all foodstuff.

Clinic Van

We were there for 2.5 hours (I thought my bladder was going to blow) with me pushing the shopping cart in front, and Julie pushing my wheelchair. In the cleaning products aisle, a man walked up to me and said I had an aura that God was over me and something amazing was going to happen. I thought it was a bit weird to walk up to me, but cool, I’m in for the amazing part.

After returning from the grocery store, Julie whipped up something special for us to eat (OMG she’s like a professional chef!), and I was whisked off to the Clinic for four hours of MRI’s, and two x-rays. Luckily, I popped some Diazepam and Tizanidine before heading out as that was a LONG time to stay still. Initially I feel asleep then woke myself up from my snoring. What a ding-a-ling.

Nothing exciting to report other than getting back to the apartment rather late. Today was supposed to be my ‘down’ day. Hmm…

PS – I have to admit that I break things often. Well, maybe more like a lot. Anyways true to form, I have already broken the faucet head in the shower right off and caused a semi-flood in the rest room. It happened last night, and of course, I had shampoo all over my hair, haha. I was trying to aim the faucet down on me, not straight ahead and crack! Off it came.

The result was a full on horizontal, high pressure water flow out of the tile wall straight into the wall of the other side of the shower. I couldn’t turn it off as I needed the water to get the shampoo off and finish up. The only thing I could think of was to stand (very precariously) on my shower stool so that my head/hair was at the water height. I know not smart, but I wanted out of there fast. I used up all the towels to usher the water back in the shower area, admitted my mistake and offered to pay for a new one. Sigh…..

I had a quick peek again at my Agenda binder, got too overwhelmed and slammed it shut for tomorrow.


  1. Jill Angus

    What a disaster in the shower! So sorry about that, and in the middle of washing your hair…but otherwise, it seems that everything has been prepared for you and that’s great. Good luck my brave girl. Love, Mum

    • Jenny Angus

      Hey mum, OMG I was aghast at the situation…I am such a spaz. In retrospect it was hilarious if I had been a fly on the wall! Love you xo

    • Nicole Edmondson

      I realize you already know this but wanted you to know how much we love your Jenny.
      In my head recently started calling her Jen Jen. We met in Puerto Morelos, Mexico
      She us a beautiful soul 😚

      • Jill Angus

        Thank you for writing this to me, Nicole. It’s very kind of you to think of me. Jenny’s struggles with this terrible disease have been so hard to watch and I. and her nephew, can only stand by. It’s heartbreaking. But it’s good to know that our Jenny has such good friends like you.

        • Nicole Edmondson

          ❤ I don’t yet know her all too well but we’ve remained in touch for the past 3 years.

          Jenny once you get through this you might consider writing a book, imagine being the person reading your life story, challenges and success. Forging forward through times when you were feeling at your worst. We all need drive and a passion for life, you sure have it hun. I love you ❤

  2. Dave Sharpe

    That sounds like a very full day !

  3. Debs

    Glad you have someone to Cook excellent food for you. The caregiver can help with shower faucet things. You’re doing so well!! Proud of you!! Huge Hugs!

  4. Wendy Tabrett

    You are the bravest person I know. And that sense of humour Girl – still:) I see that aura also!


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