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Travel Day: January 30th

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Blog Posts, HSCT Journals | 11 comments

Wow what a day! It began at 1:30am waking up to one of my favourite Brad Paisley’s tunes ‘Ticks’. I thought I was dreaming he was singing right beside me but, dang (!!) no it was only my phone alarm. 

To start my adventurous day off I was running on only 4.5 hours sleep. I had three flights today with the first one departing at 6am out of Bend, Oregon. My body takes forever to get going in the morning, but I just had to kick my butt and get on with it.

Redmond Airpot, OR

Once I landed in Salt Lake City, I had 25 minutes between flights and about 2km of buses, tarmac, and terminals to travel between. OMG I was stressed! The very kind Delta agent was literally jogging beside my scooter escorting me through the myriad of hallways and people to get me to the next gate. I was dying to use my extremely annoyingly loud scooter horn, but from previous experience, I knew people would ignore me 😉

I always book the seat at the front of the plane so I only have 5-10 steps before I can sit down, but unfortunately this type of aircraft was one I had never been on before. As it was, there were multiple rows to ‘walk’ to get to my seat. I was the last person to board so all eyes were on me as I staggered (with the help of two flight attendants) to my awesome window seat at the front. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to being stared at…

When the flight attendant asked what I’d like to drink, the only thing that came out of mouth was ‘anything alcoholic!’ With some vodka beside me, I snuggled down for a sweet nap knowing this second flight was over four hours long.

Mexico City Airport was super confusing for me. Once I arrived, I found out I had to clear customs there and then re-enter through security all over again in order to catch my next connection to Monterrey. (I wrongly assumed that I would clear customs at my final destination). Luckily, I was prepared with all printed copies of digital documents, due to previous travel setback experiences, etc.

Security Line Mexico City Airport

It was a puzzle, to say the least, trying to discern which terminal and gate from which my next flight was departing. You’d think that the big board listing all departures would state that info, but all I could figure out was the general vicinity of where I needed to be. About 45 minutes prior to take-off of my third and final leg, the sweet Aeromexico agent finally had the gate info for us written on a piece of paper where we were to go. Yes you read that right, a piece of paper!

Arriving in Monterrey was a piece of cake. There was a porter the moment I came off the plane who had found my luggage already and loaded it within seconds. The Clinic staff member was waiting for me right outside and off we went. I feel like the lodging was approximately 30 minutes from the airport. 

The apartment is awesome and super spacious. I met Julie who will be living with me, and be my caregiver for the next four weeks. She is absolutely lovely. There wasn’t any food in the apartment though so I was grateful for all the careful planning of snacks Johnny and I had prepped the day before.

Descent into Monterrey

I finally tucked into bed around 10pm local time, leaving the big fat binder of my Agenda for the next 28 days closed. That’s for light reading tomorrow.

A few apartment pics…


  1. Zeta

    Congratulations on making it and your Mexico apartment 🙂

    • Amanda

      Aww. I recognize this apartment. 10D. The very same one I had.
      Sounded like a super busy day. Glad you’re getting all settled in.

      • Jenny Angus

        Haha I wondered if it was!

  2. Sandra

    A long day of travel for you honey. Glad you made it safely and your apartment looks lovely. Sending love and hugs.

  3. Maribeth C.

    Wow , what a crazy day !!! Good for you , I’m certainly glad you had lots of snacks !! Excellent planning . Wishing you all the best and thinking of you .

  4. Anita

    So glad you’ve arrived safely. What a harrowing day of travel! xox

    • Nola

      You made it. Well done!!! That must of been so hard in you. But you are there. Glad julie is lovely and sending you positive vibes for today. Xxx

  5. Chantel

    Glad you arrived safely. You are so very resilient, Jenny! All the challenges you overcome daily never cease to blow me away. You empower me to believe that I can do so much more than I believe I can do. Hope your first dat settling in is a good one.🌹xo

  6. Jenny Angus

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! It’s so appreciated ♥️

  7. Debs

    YOWZA-WOWZA! What a day!! I’m so grateful the end was wonderful and you could relax!! CLINICA RUIZ is pretty damn awesome!!
    Hugs! Debs

  8. Carly

    What it comes down to, you’ve evoked so much in me.

    You’re experience. Man. A lot of MS forums claim we must be warriors and your missive shows you are in fact a bloody warrior.

    So, thank you for being just that, for us all.

    Also, in a related way, in getting connected with you, I feel as though I couldn’t have asked for a better artist, a better writer, to have chronicled what you went through. Reading this offered me some solace and some relief in learning, on this otherwise quite difficult day.

    All the Best to you, IRL.


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